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“A Woman’s World” Photography Exhibit opening March 3 in NYC

February 23, 2011 2 comments

This should be a terrific show.  In celebration of Women’s History Month, Macy’s has generously donated the 8th floor walls, across from Au Bon Pain, to display photographs recognizing the strengths of women by celebrating their advancement outside of the home, and honoring the importance of their work within it.  The exhibition will feature work by members of Professional Women Photographers, an international organization based in New York.  The exhibit was juried by photographer Karen Marshall – there were many,  many entries – and I am honored that my portrait of Choreographer Isabel Gotzkowsky was included.

Portrait of Choreographer Isabel Gotzkowsky

I took this portrait of Isabel a few years ago during a rehearsal at Dance Theater Workshop as she created new works for Isabel Gotzkowsky & Friends, her dynamic small dance company here in New York.  Isabel has always liked this photograph because “it was the last time I looked relaxed until after the week of performances was over!”  The image was part of my solo show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, called Becoming Dance: Images of a Process.

The exhibit will be on the 8th floor of Macy’s at Broadway & 34th Street from March 2-23.  The opening will be next Thursday, March 3rd, from 6-8pm.  A talented group of photographers will be represented in a large variety of work and I hope you can join us.

For those of you who love modern dance, Isabel’s next season will be June 9-12, 2011 at Dance New Amsterdam.

New Visions Exhibit Opens December 9th

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I am very glad to announce that my work has been included in New Visions, an exhibit of new work by members of Professional Women Photographers, here in New York.  The opening is 6-8 pm on Thursday, December 9th and the show will be up until January 15th in the lobby of the Durst building at 1133 Avenue of the Americas.

Brings back memories from another lifetime,  when I was a Program Director at RCA VideoDiscs and had an office on the second floor of that building.  We had moved there from 10 Rockefeller Center, where I had a beautiful view of the plaza and the Christmas tree.  Magical.  Then, as  an economy measure, the entire videodisc division moved to 1133 Avenue of the Americas, a perfectly fine building and even easier commute for me, but where my view was of a Duane Reade drug store.  Alas.  No magic.

Back to the exhibit.  As usual, I am a little mystified by the choice by the curator of the exhibit.  The photograph that was chosen is this:

I do like this image very much.  It is one I shot with my husband’s little Lumix when we traveled on a sailing ship last winter.  The amazing thing to me was that such a small camera could produce such a nice large, sharp image (17″ x 22″) with almost no help from Photoshop.  I blogged about the camera last March in my entry called Large Print from a Small Camera.  I had rather hoped that the image I blogged about there would be chosen:

But at least you get to see it again here….Do stop by the show as there is bound to be a great deal of good work shown.

Thanksgiving House!?

April 16, 2010 1 comment

I have been a member of Professional Women Photographers here in NY for a long time.  A call went out for entries for a juried exhibit called Americana.  Before I started this blog, I didn’t do much random shooting.  In fact, the point of this blog, read by about 3 people who are mostly family members, is to motivate me to shoot more regularly.  I do, however, photograph progress on landscaping and construction projects at a subsidized housing project for senior citizens two or three times a year.  The seniors decorate their windows and doors with all sorts of marvelous odds and ends to celebrate various holidays and I can never resist photographing some of the most elaborate.  So I entered a few quirky images of Memorial Day decorations.  What did the committee choose???  A random shot of a house next to the project!!

What were these homeowners thinking?  (The flag in front of the door says “Eat more ham!”)

The Americana exhibit opens on Saturday, April 17th 6-9pm and runs through May 22nd.  It takes place at  MH Art & Framing Gallery, 9 West 20th Street.  Should  be fun.