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Happy Holidays to All!

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment

I am beginning to relax now, as gifts and cards are wrapped and addressed and on their way.  I would like to share some of the cards I have sent over the past few years.

This magic moment occurred early one morning when we woke up to a fresh snowfall.  In my robe, I ran for my 6×7 film camera and shuffled out to the patio to take this photograph before the snow melted or blew away.  Within a half hour, this beautiful scene had become ordinary.

During the next couple of years,  I was busy building a portfolio of color botanicals and used images that seemed seasonal in color and feeling, although shot during the summer.

This red poppy was a particular hit.

And this clematis looked to me like it could decorate a Christmas tree.

This year I had a lucky break.   After a blizzard last December, I took a walk and photographed this snowy scene (and blogged about it).  I could relax all year knowing that I had this wonderful image in my library.

With these images I wish you all a Joyous Holiday and a Happy and a Healthy New Year!

December Blizzard

December 28, 2010 1 comment

When the snow stopped falling yesterday at about midday, I decided to take a walk.  The panorama when I left the house was lovely.

Then the wind began to blow.  It was a challenge to keep my lens dry.

It was too deep in most places to walk in the field, so I kept to the road.  I came to an orchard, where a stand of spruce shielded me from the relentless wind.

There was a frozen apple in one of the trees. A bonus for some lucky deer when it finally falls.






Orchard in Blizzard, trees blocking wind.

Past the orchard I was back in the wind.  There is a pond where we all swim in the summer.  Sure looked different yesterday.

The grasses were blowing wildly


The air above the frozen pond was filled with snow.  It was beautiful in a wild way, but very cold, so I retraced my steps in the road and headed home.  And the wind and the snow kept blowing.