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First blog by Diane Smook

March 6, 2010 5 comments

This is my first blog entry.  Ever.   I already have a website for my exhibited portfolios.  The reason for this blog is personal.  I need to focus on photography after a long period without shooting new work.  If I am the only one reading this, it is OK.

After a botanical project (ongoing) using a Mamiya 6×7 studio camera, where I scanned the film and printed digitally, using my Nikon D300 feels very liberating.  Also no exquisite chrome or negative, but you can’t have everything.

I just finished laying out photographic diary of a trip to Africa I took 2 years ago.

Took me that long to keyword, organize a work flow and figure out which book company to use.  After attending a fabulous event sponsored by ASMP in NY where 20 book companies were sent the same variety of images to print in book form, I became aware of A and I Books in CA.  They will print books more than 100 pages and have a decent help line.  I used their design program so that I could create my own templates and adjust for my own crops.  They have called me with questions on the material I sent them.  I have hopes for a beautiful book.

Here is one image of an elephant.

I was a little closer than I had planned.  The lens is only 200mm (although in the D300 it acts like a slightly longer lens).  Can you see the eyelashes on this little thumbnail of a photograph?