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Return to Big Bambu

I had the incredible opportunity last week of revisiting Big Bambu at the Metropolitan Museum with the creators of the installation, Mike and Doug Starn.  We were a small group and met as the museum was closing.  And this time I was allowed a small camera.  Last time (see blog post of June 27) I could only shoot from the ground.  Big Bambu had grown at least 30 feet since June, and we were seeing it at its peak, just as it was beginning to be disassembled.

At first, Mike talked to us about the piece.


The chaos is still there, but even more dramatic than before.









I found myself moved by the beauty of the piece.  The walkways are sturdy, but flexible.The entire installation feels like a ship sailing on waves of bamboo, with the western skyline on the horizon.

Then we split off and a few of us followed Doug to the top.

He explained how he and the crew of rock climbers who have worked on the installation like to hang out there and just soak it in.







It was time to leave and we climbed down to the deserted rooftop.  I would have liked to stay.

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