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My Photographs at Art/Omi Benefit

A year or so ago I photographed a beautiful sculpture created by architect/sculptor Tarik Currimbhoy for the Fields Sculpture Park at the Omi International Arts Center in Columbia County, NY.  The work is called Ellipse and is made of white marble that has no hardware joining the pieces together.  Here is what it looked like in autumn:

Isn’t this fabulous?  There are 3 entryways, each facing a totally different view of the field and the swamp.

Now, the benefit.  Tarik is now on the board of Art/Omi and is establishing a music scholarship in the memory of Rajshekhar Parikh.  I am honored to be one of the seven artists invited to participate in an exhibit of our work.  The sale of the artwork will benefit the scholarship fund and the artists will get a percentage of the proceeds.  This is quite thrilling and fair, since so frequently artists are simply asked to contribute work with no understanding of what it takes to create it.  (The only tax deduction for an artist is the value of the materials used to create the work.)

The opening party, which should be great fun, is Friday, April 9th from 5-9, and the work will be available for purchase through April 11th.  If you are interested in information so that you can join in the festivities, please send me an email through this blog or my website and I will forward an invitation to you.

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