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Editing Africa book

I spent the weekend tweaking my book, African Journey (See March 6 blog).  I received it from the publisher a week or so ago.  I was thrilled with the look of it and then, of course, found a lot of odds and ends to improve.  Like the type face of ALL the labels.  On the whole, tho, I was very pleased.  Here is the cover shot.  This gorgeous lion could have been sent to us from central casting:

The views of the wetlands in the Okevango Delta in Botswana are beautiful.  The light constantly changes.  This was a special moment:

Termite mounds are everyplace.  One provides a backdrop for the male lion and there are several above.  You never see the termites – they live inside.

In Kruger Park in South Africa, we came across a beautiful, beautiful leopard.  We traveled in the wet season and it was not really very easy to track the animals.  In the dry season they are forced to gather at water holes – in the wet season water is plentiful and you have to search from them.  We learned a great deal from the naturalists who met us in each camp.  A few minutes later, the leopard didn’t seem so serene.

So we moved on.

  1. August 15, 2011 at 5:49 am

    Fantastic photos! The scenery is as spectacular as the wildlife.

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