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A Large Print from a Small Camera

A couple of months go my husband and I went on a short Caribbean cruise on a sailing ship.  I didn’t want to drag all my Nikon equipment, so we shared his little 2-year old Lumix.  I have always liked that camera and found that shooting with a small point and shoot, without portfolio or exhibition pressures was really, really fun.  I particularly liked shooting the sail and boating equipment.  As an experiment, I recently enlarged one of these images.  Although my exposure was good, the file was jpeg and my expectations were limited.  The file needed almost no adjustment in Photoshop and I printed a 17 x 22 on glossy paper (the largest that my printer will allow).  The results are spectacular.  The color and sharpness are extraordinary.  Here it is:

Whatever detail you can see on this little jpeg is equally distinct in the 17 x 22.  Amazing!

  1. andrea
    March 23, 2010 at 2:42 am

    Love this image! Do more like this!

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